osFlexQuad Overview

The osFlexQuad Autopilot is designed for control of multi-rotor vehicles and can be used for quad-rotors, hex-rotors, octa-rotors and custom vehicle configurations. Both high-speed servos and digital ESCs can be interfaced to the autopilot. Simultaneous control of eight or more ESCs while controlling eight servos is possible. A RC receiver can be interfaced to the autopilot allowing for manual control of vehicles. Extensive payload interfaces including USB allow for laser range finders, HD cameras, sonar sensors, and virtually any other sensor to directly interface to the autopilot and user software. Battery voltage and current draw measurements allow for accurate calculation of remaining capacity to ensure maximum flight times. The osFlexQuad comes with either a short-range XBee modem or a long-range Microhard modem with a range of up to 60 km available in military and commercial frequencies. Significant power can be regulated for payloads and servos removing the need for multiple batteries or battery eliminator circuits.